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Eradicating an era of confused MEDIA & ADVERTISING decisions!

At AddMyAd™ (We) are a team of young, problem solving enthusiasts. Looking into how easily we can solve the problems of an entrepreneur and his/er business by getting them to reach a maximum number of target audiences by providing with most information via blogs, products, media specs, media planning and easy-to-book process of Media space(s), Advertising related Services, for all of your specific requirements under one roof. And yes, focusing on quality locations, services and ad spots. Anybody can suggest with Ad spaces - What you really need is quality locations, perfect Ad spots and powerful return on your investments to achieve your target goals and most appropriately, the HEARTS of your to-be customers.

Advertising is required by every Business and Event. AddMyAd witnessed all the pains and chaos behind searching and booking the best Ad Spaces, Advertising Slots and Advertising related Services for a business owner and the marketeer to reach out to their audiences in various formats, locations & demographics.

After understanding the efforts, we decided to create a platform for any individual or a company searching to advertise their brand or event, from one place.

Custom Search -> Select -> Book = Simple!

Making Advertising organised and understandable.
*Focused on Building a Category of 'Value Based' and 'Holistic' Advertising.

AddMyAd is the confident solution for all your advertising and media needs!

Hop on the AddMyAd Rocket to reach the farthest you have ever dreamt of.

AddMyAd is also wrongly spelled as AdMyAd, AddMyAdd, AdMyAdd, AddAd, AdAdd etc.

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