Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting Started:

What does AddMyAd do?

AddMyAd helps you save time and efforts, increases your efficiency by providing you with a wide array of Ad spaces to choose from, Media planning and other Advertising services for your successful advertising and marketing campaigns. Helping reach your target audience seamlessly.

Do I need to Sign-up to book Ad Spaces?

Yes, you are required to Sign-up before booking any Ad space. Also, you would require signing-up to notice the exact Status of your order and for future Ad space bookings.

Booking Related:

How do I book an Ad space?
Is there a 100% chance of order fulfilment for the Ad space(s) chosen by me?

  • Unfortunately, there is no 100% chance of your order being fulfilled, as there may be many factors like slots unavailable on your chosen dates/time, Ad space under-maintenance, high traffic booking for the same Ad space and many more. We will try our best to procure your chosen product.
  • In case of your Ad space unavailability - we will inform you via email and shall request you to Reorder or voluntarily proceed for a Full Refund. Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy for more details.

Is it possible for AddMyAd to book an Ad space on my behalf?

  • Absolutely, we are open to book any Ad space you require, on your behalf.
  • You can contact or call us at (+91) 7 399 933 933 for structuring your exact requirements and letting us handle the Ad booking procedure.

Are there any additional charges for booking an Ad space offline?

There are absolutely No charges for booking an Ad space offline or via us, while there is a nominal time gap for Ad execution. Whereas, there may be an additional charge other than the Ad Space price on an ‘urgent’ or ‘immediate’ booking request.

Order Tracking & Order Statuses:

Where do I track my order status?

You can easily track your order status under "My Campaign" within your profile created with AddMyAd or mail us at with your Order Id. We will update you via email after the order has crossed each status, until its execution.

What are the order statuses until the order execution?

As soon as we receive your booking request we update you with your order status via email and within your profile under “My Campaign”.
These are:

  • 1) Checking Availability - Checking the availability of Ad space slots booked by you.
  • 2) Processing Order - The Ad slot or date chosen by you is successfully Available for order execution. Next comes Ad Audit.
  • 3) Slot Unavailable - In case the Ad slot or date chosen by you is Unavailable for order execution.
  • 4) Ad Audit - The Ad creative is examined for: a) Delivery of exact dimensions and media kit guidelines for smooth execution process. b) The Government Laws and guidelines for Advertisements. Next comes Order Confirmed.
  • 5) Payment Pending (Incase the payment mode chosen is Offline, does not apply for Online payments) - In case the offline payment is not received by us for processing the order further.
  • 6) Order Confirmed - After the payment is received, your order is proceeded to the execution phase. Next comes Published.
  • 7) Published - Cheers! The Ad/Campaign is successfully published.
  • 8) Suspected Fraud - When there is a suspected fraudulent order request, or if there is a wrong intention behind any order requested to us.

Order Cancellation & Refund:

Can I cancel my Order?

Yes you certainly can and thats your right. If the order is still pending an Availability Confirmation and the Status displayed is “Checking Availability” for your order. Unfortunately, orders once placed cannot be cancelled if your order status has passed “Checking Availability”. As now the Ad space / service is booked with the Media Owner or Service Provider.

What is the process for an order Refund?

You can choose to opt for an order refund by filling out the Refund Request form in the Refund & Cancellation Support section of our website - easily accessible in the footer of the website. You can also email us, with your Order ID at with your refund request.


How would I know if my order is executed other than an email confirmation?

We would send you a Proof of your Advertisement executed on the Ad space you booked, within a week of its execution. This can be a Hard Copy or a Soft Copy depending on the type of Ad space chosen and its physical availability.


How can I apply for an opening at AddMyAd?

We have a Careers and Internships section in the footer of our website, you can submit your Resume or Check for an opening with us in the same section.

How do I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

Go to Newsletter in your profile -> uncheck subscribe to newsletter -> Save.
Send us an email from your registered email id to and our team will help you to unsubscribe from our list.

Why is AddMyAd available only for India?

Oh yes, as AddMyAd was born in India, we wish to start our journey here, and shall grow with time, please mail us at to inform us your Name/Location/City/Country and we shall be there at your service - for an all round Media & Advertising Help!

Can I Book or Order an Ad Space or Service from AddMyAd if my age is under 18?

Definitely Yes! We Suggest you to seek your Parents, Legal Guardian's or Mentor's help in moving forward for booking with us. All the best, keep exploring!