Refund & Cancellation Policy

What is the Refund Policy at AddMyAd?

We endeavour to process your refunds within 48 hours from the date and time of the order refund or cancellation request is taken at AddMyAd after the process of reviewing the scenarios of non-fulfilment or other reasons of refunds at AddMyAd under the guidance of its (“Acceptable Refund Reasons - Checklist”). However, the refund is subject to the transaction and processing time taken by the bank after the NEFT is initiated by AddMyAd.
In case of any refund discrepancies, AddMyAd may at its sole discretion, request you to share with us a screenshot of your bank statement.
We understand that in some scenarios, the order refund or cancellation request and the proper understanding of the reasons for the refund or cancellation request may take time. In such scenarios, we may process the refund amounts intermittently but, incase the reason does not clear the Acceptable Refund Reasons - Checklist, we reserve all rights to take appropriate steps to recover the amount already credited to your account. AddMyAd may refuse a refund or cancellation request if we find evidence of fraud, refund abuse or other manipulative behaviour that entitles AddMyAd to a claim against you.


However, limited to a few selected products, we shall provide an option for cancellation, which shall be stated, in the product details section of the selected product or service. We shall cancel the order and charge a cancellation fee, as applicable.
If the same is not stated on the product details section, it simply means if the product has order status other than "Checking Availability", cannot be cancelled, given any reason - as the selected product is now booked with its Media Owner or Service Provider, and cannot be revoked.

Note: Cancellation is applicable only when the order status is under "Checking Availability" or if the order description has mentioned whether the product can be Cancelled.
If your order status has changed from "Checking Availability" to eg. "Processing Order" or any other order status, we will not be able to cancel the order under any notice.

Cancellation Fee:

We may charge a small Order Cancellation Fee, pertaining to the terms with our vendors. Incase the vendor of an Advertisement Space or Service does not charge a Cancellation Fee. We shall similarly not do so. We are open to exhibit our expenses on such fees or charges shared with such vendors. But, if there is a Cancellation Fee charged by our Vendor(s), we are bound to charge the cancellation fee under mutual agreement with our vendors for the same. Further, each product details will clearly include whether a cancellation fee is applicable or not. For more details you can contact customer care at or call us at +91 7 399 933 933.

How does Refund work, based on the different modes of payment?

If you have paid for the order using a bank account/credit card/debit card, then the refunded amount gets credited to your bank/credit card account within 10-14 business days from the date of request by AddMyAd, after the products clear the refund checklist review process.

If you have paid for the order using the “Offline” option, then the requisite amounts shall be refunded by cheque within 10-14 business days from the date of refund process is initiated at AddMyAd. Please note that in case of any refund to your bank account you shall need to comply with the Company’s Policy in this regard which shall be a conclusive undertaking at your end in all aspects. Please further note that you shall be completely responsible for providing correct bank and company details and AddMyAd shall not be responsible in case wrong information has been provided to it.

How do I place a Refund or Cancellation Request for my order?

We offer an easy Cancellation & Refund Request process, please follow these steps.
You can either
1) Fill (THIS) form
2) Mail us at
3) Call us at (+91) 7 399 933 933 with your cancellation request
Along with mandatory information such as *Order ID*, *Reason for Cancellation* & *Feedback* for us to process and handle it for you.
Processed only under above stated criteria.

Am I entitled to a refund, if I have made an order request during a promotion/scheme/offer?

Yes, you shall be entitled for the Refund.

What consists in the “Acceptable Refund Reasons - Checklist”?

The Acceptable Refund Request Checklist is a checklist containing the reasons for refunds that are acceptable to AddMyAd for processing Refund Requests.

That consists of;

  • If the Product(s)/Service(s) is/are not wanted and you wish to cancel or have a ‘change of mind’ for the order placed (Applicable only if the Order Status is "Checking Availability" and none other than that.
  • Incase the Product(s)/Service(s) is/are ‘actually not available’ for fulfilment from the vendor due to but not limited to - technical issues or any other issue of such Product(s)/Service(s). That means the order Status is "Slot Unavailable" (in such a case, AddMyAd shall process a refund voluntarily or may suggest for a re-order of such Product(s)/Service(s))
  • Incase the information which was displayed at the Product Description mismatches with what was fulfilled. (Example The location displayed was Mumbai, but the AdSpace/Service belongs to that of Pune - there falls a *complete mismatch of product description) (in such a case, AddMyAd can rectify and provide you with an offer to execute a similar order or you can choose for a complete refund of such order).
    *Complete Mismatch excludes the details such as but not limited to ‘Reach’ and other informative product details present on the Product Description. AddMyAd is not responsible for the consequences by mismatch in product details or data displayed on AddMyAd or provided to us by the respective vendors of such products/spaces.
  • If any one of Product(s)/Service(s) is not available under the Media Mix chosen by you. (in such a case, AddMyAd shall process a refund voluntarily (only for the unavailable Product/Service), or may suggest for a re-order of such unavailable Product(s)/Service(s))

The checklist can modify, update or have changes, without any prior notice. AddMyAd requests all its customers/users to update themselves periodically.

In case of further clarification: You can contact customer care at or call us at (+91) 7 399 933 933.